2006_02_cbsbroadcenter.jpgThis is pure creepy: An electrician at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street was arrested for taking a cameraphone picture of a woman in the women's bathroom. This is how the Post describes it: "The unidentified woman told police that around noon, she saw a man's hand appear under a stall door holding what appeared to be a cellphone camera." What the hell is going on when a man will enter a women's bathroom and then take a picture from the stall? The restroom is an inner, if sometimes smelly, sanctum! It's one thing when little kids are running around the bathroom, sticking their heads under the door looking for their moms, but this is way too much. The electrician, Brian Ensser, was seen on security cameras and arrested for criminal trespess and unlawful surveillance.

A Staten Island man was arrested for videotaping in a Brooklyn school's facutly bathroom and girls' locker room.