NY1 reports that a group supporting Palestinians protested in Union Square yesterday. NYC Labor Against War's Michael Letwin said, "We know the Jews have experienced oppression throughout the centuries and we can recognize oppression when we see it. And we know that the Palestinians here are the victims not the perpetrators." However, over at the United Nations, a rally with local politicians was held in support of Israel. City Councilman David Weprin said, "Israel should not cease fire now, until either Hamas is defeated or Hamas relinquishes its power. Until that time comes, Israel must continue its current course of action. Israel must finish the job," and Rep. Anthony Weiner said, "Hamas began a campaign of terror that's gone on for years. And I think Israel is doing all it can to end it in the only way they have left." Today, it's reported that Israel is moving its offensive to the southern part of Gaza.