This suspenseful weather is starting to get to us so let's talk about the undead! Zombie tropical storms, to be specific. After spending several days as a tropical storm last week, increased wind shear took its toll and Ophelia faded away over the weekend. But now she's back! The wind shear diminished and Ophelia has gained enough strength to become a tropical depression. She's expected to become a tropical storm and possibly a minimal hurricane in the next few days. No need to fear for your brains: The zombie storm should remain way east of us but may hit Newfoundland early next week.

Speaking of undead weather systems, the front that's been to the east of the city the last few days is making odd noises and starting to move this way. That's caused some heavy rain west of the city, where it is not really needed, and will give us plenty of clouds and scattered showers this afternoon and evening. Today's high will be in the mid-70s. Showers and thunderstorms are more likely tonight and tomorrow as the front gets closer to the coast.

The cut-off low over the Midwest that's been holding everything up for the past week looks like it will start moving eastward tonight. If that happens we should have a rather pleasant day on Friday. Look for a mix of sun and clouds and a high in the lower 70s. As of now the forecast for the weekend is uncertain. The nice weather could continue or we may be in for another round of showers.