The rally for women's health wasn't the only protest to happen in Manhattan yesterday. Hundreds of protesters gathered at City Hall yesterday morning in support of government worker unions in Wisconsin. Wisconsin lawmakers debated a proposal made by Governor Walker that would end collective bargaining. Protesters said an end of collective bargaining was an attack on the middle class: “We’re reducing American workers’ wages to a global, Third World wage,” one woman told CBS 2, “and it makes the people at the top wealthier."

Congressman Anthony Weiner also made an appearance (he was at the women's health rally later) to say, "Whatever your political affiliation, a lot of the things we take credit for today as facts of life, labor unions fought for in generations past." John Duffy, the President of the Utility Workers Union of America, also stood with unions in Wisconsin: “It’s not about the budget…when you create phony budget shortfalls by giving tax breaks to the rich."

In Wisconsin, at least 70,000 demonstrators gathered at the square near the Wisconsin Capitol yesterday to protest the proposal. There were reportedly no arrests made during the rally, but state officials say protesters who have been sleeping at the Capitol would be "evicted." Unions say they will agree to the benefit changes Governor Walker has proposed. For more on the history of unions in American politics, check out this essay at Mother Jones.