2007_09_hillruddy.jpgRegular polls asking who voters want for president are boring, so ABC News asked Americans who they would "rather have as a traveling companion on a drive across country" - Senator Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani? And Clinton won 48% to Giuliani's 39%. Well, of course - can you imagine that trip with Rudy? It would be all about 9/11! And Clinton probably knows the best fast food places because of Bubba.

When asked who would you want to run your company, Clinton got 45% while Giuliani got 42%, which is a dead heat. ABC News writes, "[O]f the two scenarios, running a business would seem more analogous to serving as president. Clinton had best not switch on the cruise control quite yet."

When the question is asked within the parties, Clinton and Giuliani still win, but we found these factoids interesting:

- Liberal Democrats divide about evenly between Clinton and Obama, 27 percent to 29 percent, on whom they'd like to run their company, but prefer Clinton by 2-1 over Obama, 48 percent to 23 percent, in whom they'd like along on a cross-country drive.
- About as many conservatives would like Thompson along on a cross-country drive (25 percent) as Giuliani. But Giuliani runs ahead of Thompson, even among conservative Republicans, in the more management-oriented question of preference to run the company.

We wonder if the electoral college will include a cross-country or business management component to their selection process.