If we were to make a list of all the people who dislike Carl Paladino, it would be a damn long list at this point. But right at the top of that list would have to be WNYMedia, the liberal Buffalo political blog who has been gunning for Carl since before he was a twinkle in our speedo-jiggling eyes. They released the bestiality emails last spring which started our state's love affair with Crazy Carl, and they've now set up a new website, Paladinoporn.com, with tons more salacious, inappropriate, salty dog Paladino-mails.

Like those earlier emails, many of these ones were forwarded by Paladino to his friends and colleagues before he joined the gubernatorial race. We've learned from them that Paladino sure does like lesbians, and already has been brainstorming ideas for his post-political career. The NSFW emails on the site include:

  • Email with a video of a young woman in pigtails engaging in sexual acts. Mr. Paladino wrote that the video is “awesome”. (from Oct 2009)
  • Email entitled “Russian Beauty,” showing a woman masturbating and expressing breast milk onto a glass window and table. (Aug 2009)
  • Email with two young women engaged in lesbian sex. Mr. Paladino wrote that the video is “awesome”. (Oct 2009)
  • Email featuring softcore porn images of a nude woman posing. Mr. Paladino wrote that the images were for “andy, this is better”, apparently referencing an earlier email. (Nov 2009)
  • Email showing a woman receiving a bikini wax, entitled, “I found my retirement job! xxx” (Jan 2010)

Campaign manager Michael Caputo told CBS, "These e-mails are old, the news cycle on that has passed…It was bad judgment and he apologized for it.” He ripped into the "dying" website for its liberal agenda: "WNYmedia is a collection of Buffalo misfits and miscreants who are obsessed with Carl Paladino and pornography." WNYmedia fired back that Paladino is a hypocrite, pointing to a recent speech where he vowed to “seek ways to protect everyone from obscenity on the internet.“