2005_08_teanylatte.jpgSome more details on yesterday's stabbing murder of George Drescher on Rivington Street. According to the police, Drescher got into an argument with a homeless man who had been rummaging through the garbage; the homeless man then stabbed him once. Drescher stumbled along Rivington and collapsed in front of Moby's healthy tea shop, teany. The Post says one teany employee said people were just walking over the body: "I asked the cops to tape the front of the restaurant because people were like, 'Can we get lattes?' We're like, 'No, you can't get anything.' People in New York just don't care." Another employee said, "People were just walking by with their iPod headphones on. That was tripping me out, that they kept on walking." Moby himself wrote on his website, "i don't know any of the details regarding this awful, random, and horrifying act of violence, although i do know that it had nothing to do with teany or any of teany's employees." So keep going to teany! Moby also expressed his deep condolences to Drescher's family and friends, and said he hoped the murderer would be brought to justice.

And Drescher's super Reuben Silva told the Daily News, "He was a nice kid, but he started using drugs at about 16 or 17. After that he's been crazy. It was a matter of time before somebody killed him." That's a terrible epitaph.