Yesterday, we were reading follow-up from other news organizations to the Post's cover story on the crazy Street Christmas display in front of an East 18th Street townhouse. And wouldn't you know it, Animal magazine's Bucky Turco was on the scene for an AP story, quoted as saying, "This is brilliant." He sent us a link to his photographs of the grisly yuletide display, and Gothamist is quite taken by this naked Barbie in a tree display, because it doesn't look too far off from how our Barbies looked after we played with them (strip 'em down, cut their hair off, throw 'em in a box!). But if this display was truly a protest against the overcommercialization of Christmas, where are the Bratz dolls?

If you can't take this display, then we invite you to see BlogNYC's photographs of Dyker Heights homes decked out for the holidays. And one of our commenters says, "I live down the street from this place. It is a year round treat. The house is decorated with gargoyles and faces representing the 7 deadly sins. I encourage you to check it out."

Photograph from Bucky Turco