2008_10_obyrne.jpgSome more fallout after revelations that an aide to Governor Paterson owed hundreds of thousands in back taxes. The Post reports that Charles O'Byrne "may have violated state ethics law by failing to list his massive tax debt on his financial disclosure statements." O'Byrne, who blames his non-filing of incomes taxes between 2001 and 2005 on clinicial depression, has paid off $200,000 of back taxes, but there's still almost $11,500 outstanding; O'Byrne's recent financial disclosure statement did not include any of the warrants. Additionally, the NY Times notes that while Paterson said he was aware of O'Byrne's tax problems, "a key unanswered question is whether Mr. Paterson knew that the aide failed to file and pay taxes even after assuring him that he would resolve the problem."