Following a Friday night attack outside of McCoy's bar in Hell's Kitchen, where a group of gay men were called "faggots" prior to being physically assaulted, pressure continues to be put on the NYPD for their alleged negligence in the situation.

After City Council Speaker Christine Quinn urged them to do so, the NYPD agreed to investigate why the victims were told they couldn't file a claim and why the attacker wasn't asked his name (something that is now hindering an actual investigation). While yesterday the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force finally talked to the men, statistics show that it doesn't always turn out this way; "Outreach workers say that last year, 61 percent of anti-gay violence victims did not report it to the NYPD. And 22 percent of those who did said police refused to take the report."

One of the victims, Blake Hayes, recounted the night for ABC News, saying, "We showed them my friend's lip, which had been cut when he got hit in the face. They basically said that they couldn't get him for assault because there was no physical injury. And we said, 'We just showed you the cut.' And they said, 'Well, it has to be something bigger than that. And we can't charge him with harassment because we didn't see it happen.'...It's almost like they were saying it was OK. He didn't hit you hard enough. Forget about what he said to you."

If the NYPD refuse to take your situation seriously, call the Anti-Violence Project, who have a 24-hour hotline for reporting incidents. Oh, and please stop calling McCoy's, who are cooperating with the investigation; the owner noted that the attacker was "drunk, talking about being back from Iraq, and abrasive, even about paying the check."