The tow truck driver who witnessed a driver hit a pedestrian and then drive away on Monday night continued to tell his story about embarking on a high-speed chase to nab the suspect. According to the Daily News, Peter Dinome pursued the driver "for nearly 8 miles through the Bronx, desperately weaving in and out of traffic as he tried to catch the suspect." Dinome admitted, "At times I was going 120, 130, I was moving," and also told the News that suspect Michael "Fennell drove the wrong direction down several one-way streets while trying to lose him." Dinome said of his actions, "I couldn't let someone die right before my eyes and let him get away. I'm not a hero - I just did a thing that I thought was right," and claims a cop offered to pay for his upcoming speeding ticket (since he was caught on a red-light camera), "All the cops were patting me on the back." Fennell was charged with leaving the scene of an accident; the victim, Braulio Lopez-Cruz, is in serious but stable condition at Jacobi Hospital.