The 175-square-foot microstudio the NY Post recently declared as the city's smallest living space now looks like a palace compared to that same paper's newly discovered cramped quarters. Today they take a look three small spaces that require tenants to adjust the way they live — however they each pay cheap rent, in comparison to the $150K the other couple paid for their Morningside Heights apartment.

One cramped dweller resides in a 55-square-foot apartment in Hell's Kitchen, and tells them, "To me, it's all about location. I'm in an amazing neighborhood, and the money I save on rent alone lets me really enjoy New York for what it is. My apartment is a place to hang my hat and catch a few hours of sleep." He pays just 800 bucks a month, but his apartment is just one square foot larger than a Rikers jail cell.

Meanwhile, 39-year-old Felice Cohen has a 90-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side — sleeping in a lofted bed that places her just 23" below the ceiling. Even claustrophobics would likely grin and bear it for just $700/month, though. And over in Greenwich Village, 31-year-old Genevieve Shuler pays $780/month... and does her dishes in the shower!

If you live in a small apartment and want to let us see behind your closed doors — send us your photos! If you live in a ridiculously oversized apartment, keep it to yourself, braggart.