As the casualties and death toll increase (1000 casualties/wounded/injured - the Brits seem to use casualties to refer to the injured and dead, so we were taking their lead, as Gothamist knows not of these style books commenters speak of - and at least 30 dead) in London, the U.S. has raised the terror level for all "regional and inter-city passenger rail, subways and metropolitan bus systems." Many New Yorkers seemed a little on edge, but kept in mind that the subway is the only way to get to work. Governor Pataki signed an order that allows "allows Connecticut and New Jersey law enforcers to ride on New York mass transit," (Gothamist supposes that means they'll be able to ride for free, given that up until recently, members of the NYPD and FDNY didn't have Metrocards in order to get to situations) but said, "We cannot live in fear. The greatest way to deter terrorism is to continue with our way of life Let the police deal with security and be alert. Report any suspicions but continue to enjoy the greatest society the world ever created." Coincidentally, the City's website has been trumpeting Ready New York's All Together Now, a program from the Office of Emergency Management that aims to empower residents on an individual, building, and block basis with ways to react to emergency situations. There are information sessions across the city this summer.

Gothamist noticed many more police officers at the West 72nd Street 1/2/3 station, but at Times Square, there didn't seem to be any more than usual. One woman asked a police officer if they were doing anything differently and one shrugged, "No, we're just looking out for stuff."

Photograph from the AP