There's a front page (though under the fold) NY Times article about how Mayor Bloomberg will open up food stamps to more people, by taking advantage of a federal waiver that allows makes it easier for "adults ages 18 to 49 who are not responsible for a child or incapacitated relative and are not physically or mentally unfit for work" to get stamps. The first thing we thought of when we just read the article's headline was how this seems to make Bloomberg's poverty polices more liberal than his Repubilcan vest would make him - and the article does a good job of summarizing how the Giuliani administration's tough stance on welfare was followed by Bloomberg, but now that's seems to be changing. Two weeks ago, the Mayor announced that welfare case loads were at a historic low, which might have been a factor in the Mayor deciding to go after the federal waiver. The waiver has been available for years, and other big cities have been using it. We wonder what other more liberal social policy the mayor will engage in now that's he's in his second term - perhaps a little evolution support?

The Mayor also created the Commission for Economic Opportunity (aka a taskforce to reduce poverty) last month.