Yesterday's re-do of America's Next Top Model (under 5'7") auditions was apparently a resounding success—if success is not having a riot stem from rumors of an exploding car. It was less fierce and more friendly and follow-the-rules outside the Hotel Pennsylvania: NY1 reports, "Only 50 women entered the hotel at one time. They were searched and given wrist bands to indicate their scheduled audition time." Also, last time, police weren't informed of the auditions; this time, there were 40 cops stationed. The NY Times found a line of "Women of all shapes and sizes arrived from the five boroughs and beyond: supermarket cashiers, store clerks, Federal Express employees, students, dropouts, all eager, even desperate, to be plucked from their regular lives and transformed into fodder for the reality television mill." Though few were deemed ANTM-worthy (the Times: "More often than not, the young women emerged from the judging rooms with long faces and teary, red-rimmed eyes"), one woman put it into perspective for the Daily News, "I'm just taking a shot at a dream. I have nothing to lose, unless of course I get trampled."