2005_11_marquee.jpgThere are two very complementary articles in the Times and Post today that concern our future generations. The Times looks at how the number of children in Manhattan is rising; the main factor seems to be mix of good economic times, lower crime and better quality of life that make NYC more liveable for breeders. Basically, it's a lot about privileged people raising their privileged children - nannies, kid gyms, etc. The Post looks, though, looks at the dark side of what these kids might be: Kids who go to "baby Marquee" Crush on the Upper East Side. Yes, it has a 17 year-old promoter and that's where all the cool kids from Dalton, Spence, Nightingale, Collegiate, whatever are going. Which means the uncool kids must still be going to the bodega for their Red Bulls.

Best quote from the Times article: "It's easier to be in the city with a baby. It's less isolation. You feel you are part of society." - President of the New Mommies Network, Lori Robinson

Best quote from the Post article: "I went up to her conference room and told her the idea, and she was like, 'Interesting - have you met my 16-year-old socialite-private-school-jappy-spoiled-Upper-East-Side intern?' I was like, 'No! But I really want to talk to her!'" - Crush owner Grant Shapolsky