New York City's (and the Western Hemisphere's) tallest residential building is dramatically altering the Manhattan skyline. Though many pitiful mortals wonder what the world must look like from atop its lofty heights, the only lizard people who'll ever enjoy those stunning vistas are the gazillionaires who can afford the apartments (which start at $16.95 million and go up to $95 million for the penthouse)—and the urban explorers who keep sneaking in.

Back in September, dreamy photos of the skyline, apparently taken from 432 Park, were shared on Instagram, and now, another set of photos from the top have been posted. The photographer told us, "There were about 8 of us on that trip... The view is incredible, especially because there are only a handful of people who will ever see it in person. When you're up there, you're the highest person in the city and you can see the horizon on all sides (it's pretty trippy to look down on the Empire State Building)... I'm not entirely sure, but I think we walked through the $95 million penthouse."

The photographer, who requested anonymity because of the illegality involved, took a picture of what looks like a pool under construction, as well as feet dangling off the side, adding, "We left things as we found them; we're not vandals or burglars."