More details have emerged about Mets pitching ace Johan Santana's alleged sexual battery incident. According to the Smoking Gun, Santana admitted to police in Florida that he had engaged in consensual sexual intercourse with the unnamed woman near a golf course last year.

In the police report, Santana, a married father of three, described the woman as a neighbor in his gated Fort Myers community, a mother of two whom he first met when she asked for an autograph. By his account, they kissed on Oct. 26, and the next night, she led him to "an open yet secluded area with dim lighting." He told detectives that the woman "seemed very excited and forward towards me. We began to have sexual intercourse while standing in the open field alongside the golf path on the golf course."

This account is markedly different from the woman's, who said Santana forced himself upon her—he claims she was the aggressor, never said the word "no," and that she "was very excited and was 'masturbating' as we engaged in sexual intercourse." After the tryst, he never spoke or heard from her again.

Despite the fact that the case was investigated and closed last year, our favorite local newspapers don't seem as convinced, at least judging by the number of articles they published today on the story. An MLB team executive told the News, "It is going to have some legs...Fairly or not, it puts a lens on someone who was previously looked at as a guy with a pristine image, a guy who could do no wrong."