The NY Times has a great article about how the Census Bureau found over 160,000 more New Yorkers - including 64,259 that the city governemnt accounted for - to make the NYC population 8,168,338, the highest ever. City officials and other demographers were surprised with the Census Bureau's 2004 figures, which "identified a 4.4 percent population growth in Staten Island and a 2.5 percent increase in the Bronx, but only 1 percent in Manhattan and negligible growth in Brooklyn and Queens for a total citywide population of 8,104,079," because, by Jove, there's been a hell of a housing boom in the city. So, city planners went through records of utilities, property taxes, building permits and more; they did not look at craiglist, though. The increase in NYC's population means more money will be allocated from the federal government to NY State and then the city, but the City Planning population director Joseph Salvo suspects the population is actually more like 8.2 million. This story appealed to the nerd as well as the "the government got it wrong" cynic in us.

The city's press release about the 2% population increase. And we think you can play a speech given by Salvo at a conference - he's the lunch address. Plus, you can learn about your neighborhood's demographics by finding your community district.