After publishing that quintessential degentrification story about a new luxury condo in Crown Heights being converted to a homeless shelter, the Daily News reports that after reading the article, at least four homeless people "flocked" to the building yesterday.

Unfortunately for them, it's not a simple matter of showing up at the door, saying you're homeless, and getting a two bedroom with walk-in closets and a ballroom extension; they were all redirected to "a main intake office." Meanwhile, neighbors are circulating a petition to oust the shelter because they think the homeless aren't so good for their property values—and maybe neighbors are also a little perturbed they have to pay rents/mortgages/taxes while some unemployed families are movin' on up for free.

However, a City Hall spokesman defended the temporary shelter policy: "The city has worked well with neighborhood-based nonprofits for decades... to find temporary apartments for families, and we'll continue to do so, even though these particular apartments are a rare exception." The city's paying about $2,700 a month per family to the Bushwick Economic Development Corp. for housing and counseling services; it's still not known how much goes to the building's owner.