Following an almost perfect warm, dry weekend, the humidity rocketed upward overnight, setting us up for a couple of hot and humid late-summer days. For now, the humid air is constrained to a very shallow layer of air near the ground. That should translate into a bit of a humidity break this afternoon when the humid air near the ground mixes with drier air above. No matter what the humidity, the temperature is going to top out near 90 degrees.

We won't catch the mixing air break tomorrow so be prepared for a very muggy day with a high in the lower 90s. That's really close to the record high of 93 set in 1919. Wednesday won't be quite as hot, though we should still easily hit the upper 80s, but the humidity looks to be high enough to reduce us to puddles of sweat.

Our first chance of significant rainfall in a long time will happen on Thursday. With the heat and humidity we'll be under by the middle of the week it won't take much of a disturbance to cause a few thunderstorms. A cold front arriving on Thursday should do the trick. Look for a high in the upper 80s followed by a good chance of showers and thunderstorms from Thursday afternoon through Friday. Despite the cold front later this week there is still little sign of cooler air arriving. It currently looks like highs will remain in the 80s through next weekend.

For the past couple of weeks, we've been mentioning the record streak of days reaching at least 80 degrees. It turns out that was wrong—the National Weather Service noticed a glitch in their database. Instead of the record being 41 straight days set in 2011, the longest streak was actually 59 consecutive days 1944. That record was tied yesterday and will be broken today.