The NYPD Hate Crime unit is investigating the latest in a series of incidents wherein Brooklyn sidewalks have been strewn with "Kill Jews" notes. The anti-Semitic notes previously appeared in Boerum Hill and Clinton Hill earlier this month; now they've turned up in Bay Ridge. Yesterday morning, residents along Third Avenue discovered the sidewalk littered with hundreds of two-inch pieces of paper with "Kill Jews" written in black marker.

But no one called 911 to report the incident, and by the time police canvassed the 19-block stretch leading up to 94th St. later in the day, the notes were gone. Local mother Liz Carlson tells the Daily News, "I don't expect to see messages to kill Jews as I walk to school in the morning. What scares me is that someone would take the time to hand write all the little signs and then cut them out individually. Whoever did this is obviously sick. This is how violence begins."

On the other hand, local electrician Eddie Quimby seemed to explain the locals' seeming reluctance to alert authorities about the notes: "It's morally disgusting. It's probably some little punk. We can make a big deal of it and let the idiots win. Or we can rip them up and throw them in the trash and ignore this stupidity." Maybe so, but it would probably be better if we could throw them in the trash and teach this "little punk" a lesson.