2008_06_mikerudygeo.jpgFormer Mayor Rudy Giuliani's name is being mentioned again as a possible candidate for governor in 2010. While the earlier speculation and rumors were due to the nuttiness of Eliot Spitzer's resignation and current Governor David Paterson's confessions (dames, drugs), this time it's because Rudy's strategist Anthony Carbonetti may be in line to head the state GOP.

Current state GOP Chairman Joe Mondello has been under attack after the Republicans' dwindling representation both in the State Legislature and in Congress. However, former Governor Pataki and former Republican Mayor Bloomberg have been trying to persuade Bufallo Representative Tom Reynolds to take over the chairmanship. Should Reynolds be in charge, the Sun reported Bloomberg would benefit "if he runs for governor in 2010, giving him a tighter grip on the party's infrastructure and ensuring a deeper alliance throughout a campaign."

It's suggested that Giuliani would have a higher profile with Carbonetti in power, because there were would many "Rudy for Governor" rumors keeping him in the public consciousness. But there's another public service job possibility: Should Hillary Clinton leave her Senate seat, Giuliani could try for that job again.