While this is removed from the personal violation of being mugged by your Fresh Direct delivery person, the NY Times examines the problems of Fresh Direct vehicles squatting parking spaces on the Upper West Side. Storeowners complain that the trucks block pedestrians' sightlines of their stores and that their deliveries are blocked. What happens is this: "When the first truck empties, it is often replenished by a second truck; when it cannot not find a spot, it sometimes double-parks." Hey, NYPD, maybe you should go by the various FreshDirect locations for an easy ticket! Freshdirect says that they are rotating the trucks to sit at different locations, but the area business owners are unhappy :

"It's unbelievable, the audacity of these people. For what? So people can get cheaper arugula?"

- Joe Peta, store owner at Broadway and 91st Street

"They're right in front of us. Sometimes they have three of them, two on this side and one across the street. Their help are noisy, and they hang out in the street, and" - he paused - "the vernacular language." Sometimes, he added, "They're there until 9, 10 at night." - Joseph Aguilar, pizzeria owner on Amsterdam and 92nd Street

But people love cheaper arugula - and not having to lug home the giant pack of toilet paper from the grocery store that might be blocks and blocks away. While Fresh Direct sounds like they really take advantage of parking space good will, Gothamist would rather there be an overall crackdown on double- and triple-parked delivery trucks - that is why traffic is so ruinous.