There's less than a month left till July 1...which leaves a whole lot of time for LeBromptomists all over to parse every conceivable statistic related to (and every dulcet verb uttered by) LeBron James, in their nearly-never-ending quest to Columbo-the-bejeezus out of where he will be playing basketball next year.

Not only is LeBron a "big fan" of Lady GaGa—he also shares her appreciation for Larry King. LeBron taped an interview for King's CNN show, to be broadcast this Friday at 9 pm, his first major interview since the Cavs crushing loss to the Celtics. Although the Times points out he "provided virtually no clues about his free-agency plans," he did say Cleveland has the initial edge in signing him: “Because, you know, this city, these fans, I mean, have given me a lot in these seven years. And, you know, for me it’s comfortable. So I’ve got a lot of memories here.’’

The Daily News won't hear any of that though, because they've been stuffing wads of secret studies in their ears, reporting the city's Economic Development Corp. recently conducted a "secret study to determine just how much cash New York would pull in on James' cachet," and popped out the number $57.8 million (largely based on assumptions that the Knicks would make it to the finals, and win/play four games at MSG). The $57.8 million would be from out-of-towners booking hotel rooms and fans chowing down in city restaurants.

The Debbie Downers at the Post argue that it might not be to LeBron's advantage though: he could lose up to $30 million in salary by not re-signing with the Cavs (he can get 10.5% raise with the Cavs, compared to 8% elsewhere else). They just sound like a bunch of regular LeBronpessimists.