It wasn't just the runners who were getting in on the costumed fun at yesterday's 41st Annual New York Marathon. Thousands of spectators flooded the streets with signs, costumes and support for the city's runners. Among the witty slogans, our favorite had to be, "Unlike the MTA, You Run." And running to work would be a hell of a lot cheaper, too!

Subway of course had balloons to cheer on their spokesman, Jared, while other runners took the opportunity to run in costumes, kilts, and even one while drinking a beer. We're pretty sure that doesn't do wonders to your system, but hey, if you're already healthy enough to run a marathon one beer probably won't hurt. For anyone interested, "Monday Mania" registration for next year's marathon is going on from noon to 3 p.m., and applicants will get put on a special lottery for first entry.