Walter Pertyk, the Leon Goldstein High School junior who caused a fuhrer furor when he dressed as Hitler for Halloween, held a press conference - in costume - to explain himself. The Post has the details:

"I'm not a Nazi. It's a Halloween costume," he declared. "People have taken it too seriously . . . I'm not going to go around and kill Jews or anything."

At one point, the gathering was interrupted by area resident Michael Loweth, 50, who shouted at Petryk, "You're pathetic!"

"This is ridiculous, kid. Grow up!" he yelled. "Millions of people died for a schmuck like you."

While Pertyk is saing that he has a right to wear the costume at public school because of his right of free expression, the Anti-Defamation League said, "This is not an innocent First Amendment advocacy. He knew this outfit would offend and hurt and maybe even invite by the fact that he didn't wear it on the subway." Yes, Pertyk did tell the Post he wore his Charlie Chaplin costume on the subway.

Pertyk may face a 10 day suspension for insubordination. and that's not all: School parents are planning a protest, and one student what he did to Pertyk when he saw him on Halloween. David Gerber said, "I warned him, 'You're going to get beat up by every single Jew in this school,' and I personally kicked him. My grandfather was in a concentration camp. I think it was stupid and offensive."

The Post shows Pertyk's Halloween costumes of yesteryear: Davy Crocket, Sherlock Holmes (who was a drug addict!), and Spider-Man. Semi-related: And these cats couldn't help it if they look like Hitler.