2007_10_ltrain.jpgLooks like complaining about crowded trains on the MTA's Rider Report Cards works - the MTA announced it will increase service on the 7 and L subway lines.

The 7 line will have more trains running during the morning rush hour between Flushing-Main Street and Times Square, by extending rush hour service 25 minutes (new: 7:10-9:05AM; previously it was 7:20-8:50AM). Between 8:30PM and 10PM, Main Street-bound trains will operate every 4-5 minutes, versus the current every-6-minutes. Overall, there will be 10 more round trips each week day.

On the L, service will be increasing across the board, to address the 48% rise in ridership since 1998. For weekdays, during the morning rush hour, trains will run every 3.5 minutes (currently it's every 4 minutes); during midday hours, trains will run every 6 minutes instead of every 8; and in the evening between 8PM and midnight, trains will run every 5-10 minutes, versus 6-12 minutes. L trains will also arrive more frequently on Saturday and Sunday, and all told, there will be 23 more weekday round trips, 30 more on Saturday, and 24 on Sunday.

The increased service will begin in December, at a cost of $2.6 million. In other subway news, some transit advocates and politicians are trying to stop the fare hike.

Photograph of a crowded morning L train by i'mnotsayin' on Flickr