If people are looking for another opportunity to protest against the cruel doings of Fifth Avenue co-op boards, the NY Post presents a possible cause. A JP Morgan vice-president is suing 965 Fifth Avenue's co-op board for discrimination, saying that he was turned down for a co-op because he's Mexican and his son has Down syndrome. Pedro Gonzalez de Cosio says he has the money, plus offered to put two years worth of maintenance charges in escrow. You'd think that the co-op board would realize how words like "Mexican" and "Down syndrome" would make them seem really cruel. Then again, it could be the fact that there was a tax lien against Gonzalez that is making the board feel this way (Gonzalez told the Post the lien was a misunderstanding and had been paid off). Either way, Gothamist has a feeling no one will be dressing up in costume to protest this co-op board incident.

Photo from the NY Post