A week and a half ago, former NJ Governor James McGreevey and his ex-wife Dina Matos McGreevey were fighting over a birthday party McGreevey and his partner were planning for 6-year-old daughter Jacqueline, another public spat in their contentious divorce. In spite of a judge's repeated requests for the McGreeveys to settle their differences for the sake of their daughter, we know a lot about their squabbling. The Post runs down the greatest hits.

Matos McGreevey won't allow her daughter to take communion when she goes to Episcopalian church with McGreevey (she is raising Jacqueline as a Roman Catholic). McGreevey pays $24,000/year in child support to his daughter from his first marriage, while he pays $13,000/year for Jacqueline. Plus: They argue who should pay for their daughter's psychiatrist's $45 co-pay and "Jim also confirmed spending $1,600 a month on his own psychiatrist - $471 more than his monthly child-support payments for Jacqueline."

McGreevey said, "It's a blessing she is only 6 and concerned with 'Hannah Montana' and 'High School Musical 2' and not yet reading the newspaper." No kidding - maybe you and your ex should settle things, versus leaving the family court judge, Judge Karen Cassidy, who is presiding over the McGreeveys' divorce, to say things like, "I feel like I am the only one protecting her."

In May, Matos McGreevey appeared on Oprah, explaining why she stood by McGreevey when he announced he was gay.