Actress Kirsten Dunst's purse gets stolen, and now an entire drama has unfolded. Back in 2007, James Jimenez and Jarrod Beinerman were accused of swiping the starlet's purse and iPod from her SoHo Grand penthouse — the latter was sentenced to four years, and Jimenez has been out on bail awaiting retrial.

Now the Daily News reports that his bondsman revoked the bail that his sister claims she paid, but really he is just saying that to get back at Jimenez's sister, who he was engaged to? Or something. Here's the story: Marta Jimenez was engaged to bondsman George Zouvelos but broke off the engagement when he became abusive over the summer. Now Zouvelos claims Marta only paid him $3,250 of the $14,000 owed to secure the bond. She said at a recent bond hearing: "This is revenge because I didn't want to marry him."

Meanwhile, Zouvelos (the founder of New York State Professional Bail Bondsmen & Agents) "is facing an indictment for weapons possession and other charges dating to February 2008." Currently the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice is awaiting Marta Jimenez to bring in proof she paid the money owed, her brother remains behind bars, and Dunst is probably doing something fabulous this New Year's Eve.