A New Jersey Transit bus struck a road divider near the Port Authority Terminal on Saturday morning, leaving 14 people injured in the head-on collision -- including the driver who was reportedly ejected from the vehicle.

Around 9:34 a.m., the bus was on an upper ramp heading towards the direction of the Lincoln Tunnel when the driver struck the divider on Eighth Avenue and West 41st Street, the FDNY said.

“We came on scene. There were multiple patients laying on the floor around the vehicle and then multiple patients that were still trapped inside of the vehicle,” said EMS Deputy Chief Kevin Ramdayal to reporters at the scene. Once responders gained “access into the interior of the vehicle, we found multiple injured patients, one of them being severely critical,” Ramdayal said.

The damage to the bus and the ramp location made it difficult to respond initially, he said.

“Well, some of the difficulty that we had was gaining access to the location because it is a narrow location, it is on Port Authority ground. So getting our units into the location on the ramp was a little difficult,” Ramdayal said. “The way the vehicle was situated, there was major damage to the front. So gaining access into the vehicle was also a challenge for us.”

Eleven people were taken to local hospitals while three others were treated at the scene. The Daily News reported, “The bus driver was flung through the windshield and was lying on the ground outside the bus when medics arrived. Miraculously, the bus driver was not seriously injured.”

The cause of the collision was under investigation by the Port Authority, Ramdayal said. A request for comment from the Port Authority was not immediately returned Saturday.