2007_06_ppark.jpgThe Post and Newsday have followed up on the rape/sexual assault that occurred early Friday morning around 1AM in Prospect Park, but with very different explanations about the circumstances.

According to the Post, a Park Slope couple in their 30s were "in a parked car on Center Drive beside a rolling meadow known as the Nethermead" when a a man shined a flashlight in their car. The boyfriend got out to tell the man to go away, but they got into some sort of fight and the couple "fled in opposite directions." The "peeping Tom" went after the girlfriend and attacked her; the boyfriend found her later "hiding in the nearby brush with scratches all over her body."

Newsday does not mention a car at all: The couple was walking through the ballfields when a man with a gun tried to rob them. The couple ran off in different directions, with the would-be robber finding the woman and raping her in the woods. And Newsday spoke to some park goers about Prospect Park:

"I like to be in this park, but at certain times it's not for me," said Colin Wilshire, 51, a musician. "I wouldn't think of doing that, bringing a girl here at nighttime. I think at a certain time you should just stay away."

Another passerby, Ermina Radoncic, 28, said she'd never go in the park at night.

"I've lived here my entire life and that's exactly why I wouldn't," she said.

Once, she said, a man exposed himself to her and her three children.

"It was actually 4 o'clock in the afternoon," she said.

The police are still investigating the story and searching the area for evidence.

Update: We got around to the Daily News story, which reveals the male half of the couple is a police officer. Off-duty police officer James Randolphe says that a gunman approached him and his girlfriend while they were in his car; Randolphe says that his girlfriend ran off and the gunman attacked her. However, Randolphe's girlfriend was telling a different story - they were outside the car having sex when the gunman approached them, and she and Randolphe separated when she ran away and Randolphe went to get his gun.