The Post rounds out more facets of the Saturday afternoon murder of a 63-year-old man in his West 71st Street apartment. While Walter Walker's roommate Frederick Zappulla confessed, the Post reports that the violence was precipitated when Walker "confronted him about smoking crack in the apartment...The two roommates argued in the kitchen, where Zappulla smashed Walker over the head with a frying pan and then reached for a knife and repeatedly stabbed him." Zappulla called his brother to say he killed Walker and then left for the Yonkers Raceway, where "he began blathering to an EMS technician who eventually persuaded him to talk to Yonkers police." Walker, who operated a cleaning service, had rented out the room to Zappulla in February; a former roommate told the Post that Walker suffered from Parkinson's Disease, "I warned Walter [Zappulla] was no good. I thought he would stiff Walter for the rent." Update: The West Side Spirit reports, "Zappulla was Walker’s romantic partner, according to interviews with residents of the West 71st Street building. The two had lived in Walker’s one-bedroom apartment for more than a year."