2007_08_queensgunshooting.jpgIt looks like the story that was originally reported as a man shooting robbers in front of his home, has changed significantly since yesterday. Lulzim Kupi, who shot two men, killing one, is now charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Kupi, 42, still suggests that he shot Gentian Kasa, 31, and Redinel Dervishaj, 32, in self defense, but not because they were robbing him. Instead Kupi claims that the two men demanded $20,000 and threatened his family if Kupi didn't come up with the cash.

Newsday reports that Kasa and Dervishaj, both armed, tried to get past Kupi into his home, Kupi fought back and the three men all pulled out guns. Sources told Newsday that the disagreement moved up the block and at some point Kupi fired his gun first, killing Kasa with several shots from his .357 handgun. He then grabbed Kasa's gun, chased Dervishaj, and shot him with Kasa's gun. Details from The Times include a threat of rape against Kupi's wife and say that Kupi used Kasa's .380 pistol to shoot Kasa in the head.

The three are believed to know each other through the contracting business, possibly through projects building bars for Albanian social clubs. It's unclear to detectives whether Kasa and Dervishaj demanded the money for protection of for something else.

Image of gun from shooting from WABC