New information has already come out about the NYU student who committed suicide early this morning at Bobst Library. The man was 20-year-old Andrew Williamson-Noble of Irvington, New York. The Daily News reports that he used an NYU-issued card to gain access to the library, and jumped from the 10th floor.

Witnesses heard a "loud thud" but say "there was no blood." He was taken to St. Vincent's where he was pronounced DOA around 5 a.m. While it's unknown why Williamson-Noble took his own life, other students say they just finished with midterms and are still feeling "very stressed out."

After multiple suicides in 2003, panels were installed on the inner balconies to prevent further attempts — one student told the paper it's not easy to make the jump, and "You'd have to be tall to flop over it, unless you had a chair or something." Another told the NY Post, "It's really stressful sitting in here. I've spent 10 hours studying in the library. It's a very depressing place."

Meanwhile, tours have been taken through the library as usual today, and NYU Local got a hold of instructions to tour guides (ambassadors), which said in part: "While we should not volunteer details about this tragedy to university guests, we must be candid and honest if asked. At this point, our message is as follows: it is a tragic death and is currently under investigation. Please share this response if you are asked." They were also told to say that “Suicides at NYU are not typical.”