2008_06_speculum.jpgThe man accused of pretending to be a Park Avenue gynecologist apparently had an accomplice. The Daily News reports that, according to sources, Monsey resident Zalman Silber "tricked one woman into undergoing a pelvic exam by saying his friend, the Rockland County police officer, was a doctor who made house calls." Sources also say the cop ended up conducting the exam in Silber's house--with Silber watching.

Prosecutors have charged Silber with third-degree sexual abuse and impersonating a doctor, after two victims from 2003 and 2004 picked him from a line-up. A source said the victims were tricked into thinking they were participating in an insurance company survey, "They knew something was wrong because you don't pinch nipples in exams like that." Silber also allegedly had the women "turn on their sides for a rectal exam."

According to the Journal News, Silber's lawyer says his client is innocent--"Mr. Silber is a prominent businessman who is involved in numerous philanthropic causes"--and claims the statute of limitations has run out on some of the incidents (some other women claim they were assaulted by Silber).