There are many different stories flying around about the fatal argument at the midtown halal stand. The brother of victim Noel Gibbons spoke to the Daily News about what happened. Shannon Gibbons says that he, Noel, and a friend were waiting on line when Ziad Tayeh said they had cut in front of him.

"I think I was in front of you," said Tayeh, according to Shannon Gibbons.

"We just ignored him," he recalled. But when they took off in Gibbons' car - a brand-new 2007 Toyota Yaris - Tayeh tailed them through two traffic signals, Shannon Gibbons said.

Twice they pulled over to let him pass, but both times he kept following them, he said. The third time, Tayeh jumped out and stabbed Noel Gibbons in the back before speeding off in his Lexus, cops said.

Tayeh's mother, though, told Metro, “[Her son] was wearing a diamond ring and a bracelet. They were pushing him around and he just went to the car and drove away." She also mentioned that Tayeh had "multiple leg surgeries and could not run away from the three teens."

Tayeh was charged with second degree murder. Gibbons had been living in wealthy Short Hills, NJ with a family that had employed his mother as a nanny (the rest of the Gibbons family live in Jersey City). The father, Michael Bosches, said, "He was such a good kid. He worked 45 hours a week," while his son Michael said, “I can believe that standing in a food line, he or anybody else might say, 'Hey man, you cut!' But that’s all I could see him doing.”