2006_06_lenoxave.jpgThe story about the man killed by a hit-and-run driver Saturday morning in Harlem is really sad. Kris Bellamkonda was a 30 year old law student at Cardozo Law School and had been walking his girlfriend across Lenox and 122nd Street because his girlfriend was on crutches around 4:15AM. But then an SUV zoomed in at 50-60 MPH, according to witnesses, hitting Bellamkonda. A witness told WABC 7, "Once he hit the guy, he stepped on the brakes and the guy went up in the air. He fell back onto the hood of the car and he stepped on the pedal again to take off." Another witness said that cars go way too fast and run lights. The way cars speed during early hours makes us crazy - there are way too many incidents of this.

Bellamkonda was described by his sister to the NY Times "as a city lover and a renaissance man who had studied physics, taught math, run marathons and played the guitar." He was renovating a brownstone on West 131st Street.