A few more details have emerged about Sunday's East 10th execution-style murder, and they seem to be saying a few things between the lines. The NY Times and NY Post reported that money, crack cocaine and a semi-automatic gun were found in the apartment of 33 year old Christopher Manley. Also, Manley had an arrest record: A 1988 robbery charge and a charge from this May for possession of a controlled substance. Quotes from neighbors:

- "They [Manley's visistors] all had bikes. In and out - a lot of it. They were all friendly." - Guy Stuttman to the NY Times
- "He was a nice guy, but a bit shady. He would be around a lot like he had nothing to do, but he still had money." - Michael Conte to the NY Post
- "There were often a lot of people coming and going from the apartment, but they were all really nice guys." - Stuttman to the Post

The subtext detector says the evidence implies Manley was a drug dealer or perhaps had a drug problem while he fixed people's bikes at his triplex apartment.