If there's a heat wave, it seems that is takes weeks to figure out who has died from it, as the city has raised the number of heat wave-related deaths to 36. Three more deaths caused by the heat wave earlier this month were confirmed by the ME's office: An 82 year old mother and her 47 year old son from Brooklyn and a 46 year old man in the Bronx. Between August 10 and now, ten more deaths were attributed to the heat wave, and investigations are still ongoing. What's sad is that the deaths seem to afflict the elderly and disabled.)

And the City Council is still reviewing how to city responded to the Queens blackout in July. There's some talk about how Mayor Bloomberg should dispatched more firefighters to Queens, since he had sent in more police officers and san trucks. We feel the city will have a comprehensive look at the Queens blackout some time in 2007 - in time for next summer.

An Accuweather graphic from July 31