A television floats in Prospect Park lake. Photo by Jason Curtis.

Around the time the EPA was patting Prospect Park on the back and awarding the space for its cleanliness... more dead animals popped up by the lake. So far this year there have been dismembered animal parts, a dead duck, a dead swan, a dead dog, dead turtles and fish... who can keep track? The latest victims include a raccoon, a possum and several gosling.

While the water was tested and said to be fine, some locals question the test results. One man told the Brooklyn Paper, “Mammals should not be dying in the lake." But the NYC Audubon insists, “The Prospect Park lake is in very good condition and the water is in no way dangerous. It’s not a pristine Adirondack mountain lake, but it’s never going to be."

Parks Department officials have now promised to conduct necropsies on animals found dead in the lake, if they aren't too decomposed.