Following the death of Johnny Boy Walton—a swan who died at Prospect Park Lake earlier this year, allegedly after being attacked by one of his own—another swan has died. Over the weekend a swan welcomed 5 new little ones into the park after her eggs hatched, but one died after getting caught in discarded fishing line!

Some park goers noticed the mother, Sedna, trapped in the line with the baby, who was already dead. Park administrator Tupper Thomas told the Daily News, "Things happen out in nature. These are wild animals. It's like any animals in the world, where only the strongest survive."

Meanwhile, some are saying the swans are the killers. CityRoom reports that on Sunday afternoon a male swan attacked an adult Canada goose, and somehow two goslings ended up dead. Their six-year-old sources say "the swan had grabbed the goslings from their nest by their necks and plunged them into the lake."