Now that those pesky metal orbs that were burning children are out of commission at Brooklyn Bridge Park, parents are piping up about their travel perils to the park's Pier 6.

According to some parents who spoke to the Daily News, getting to the park is scary—one mom told them, "crossing over here with little kids; it's just unsafe."

Those visiting the park often have to cross an on-ramp to the BQE, where cars are allowed to make right turns on red, and some areas don't even have pedestrian crosswalks. Now the Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund has written a letter to the Department of Transportation asking to fix the problem by installing new traffic signs and signals.

Even those in cars are concerned that the area is just an accident waiting to happen. So with that, Councilman Brad Lander (D-Park Slope) says: "It's just a place that never had a lot of pedestrians. Now it has thousands of pedestrians and we haven't yet made any changes to accomodate them... We need them fast." Alas, no word on why this wasn't fixed before the park opened.