phpW9wgZLAM.jpgFollowing the news that garbage trucks would soon be creative canvas for advertisers, and with ads already in and now around subway was only a matter of time before the interior subway tunnels themselves became a money-maker as well. Who looks out the windows while underground? Who knows, but LA has commercial images projected on the interior of tunnels, and now NYC is going to try it out. The NY Times reports that "starting next spring with the 42nd Street-Times Square shuttle, passengers will see advertising outside the windows as the train travels between stations. The messages will look rather like jumpy 15-second TV ads." To illuminate the underground with your ad, it'll cost around $95K for one month. Okay fine, it's actually kind of cool. But if you think the adsuration of NYC stops there, think again--turnstile arms (Purell should really get in on this action), station interiors and exterior station walls are also up for grabs now.