Now that we're officially in baseball's off-season, the Mets announced several changes to Citi Field for the 2012 season, making the park a bit friendlier for hitters. Both the left and right field walls are moving in and the height of all walls will be a uniform eight feet. And if you're tired of those slimming black walls, the walls are going back to the glorious blue that graced Shea Stadium when it closed. The new walls are up to 12' closer and the zig-zag-like pattern to right center field will be uniform.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said the "wall changes will create a 'fair' and 'neutral' ballpark, and have positive impact on right hand and left hand power hitters." You hear that David Wright and Jason Bay? The organization understands your concerns and they're willing to make changes for you.

With the closer walls, the Mets are adding additional seats too. One hundred additional seats (surely to be billed as premium), will be above the new left field wall in the extra space created by moving the wall in. Turning a offense-friendly change into a revenue opportunity! That's smart! Bernie Madoff smart!

It's not the first time that the Mets have altered to the park — it was previously criticized as hitter unfriendly and for being too much of a tribute to Ebbets Field and not Mets enough. In response to that, the Mets lowered the center field wall and put up more Mets-related signage.