It isn't just subway stations that are increasingly getting cellphone service—today the MTA announced plans to wire both the entirety of Grand Central Terminal and the Park Avenue tunnel for wireless. And unlike in the subway, Verizon users shouldn't be left out in the cold this time.

According to Metro-North, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon have all collectively contracted Ericsson to design and install wireless, Wi-Fi and public safety networks for the terminal and tunnel—at no cost to the MTA. Wi-Fi? What, what—no more stealing from the Apple Store!

And it shouldn't just be good for commuters, as the MTA notes "This network will improve radio communication for our operating department employees, the MTA Police and other first responders."

The network, which Ericsson has already started on, should take some time due to the complexity of Grand Central. It probably won't be fully operational for another two years. But on the plus side? According to the MTA, "over the course of the 20-year arrangement, Metro-North and the MTA expect to receive license revenues of $4.3 million from the carriers." And more money for the MTA is never a bad thing.