A day after an arm was found in a Hempstead front yard, it appears the other arm was found a few blocks away.

Nassau County police were already trying to determine if the remains found on Wednesday on Webb Avenue might be related to body parts found in Bay Shore, near the Fire Island ferry parking lot. A nephew of the homeowner who lives at the Webb Avenue house posited a theory on why the grisly discovery occurred there, "I think somebody might have just dropped it because this is the only house that has like a garden that's ... sealed," referring to the fence. The yard at the Cornell Street house is also fenced.

WABC 7 reporter Josh Einiger cited sources that said the body part found on Cornell Street was the other arm.

Investigators are trying to determine if the remains belong to Chinelle Latoya Browne, 27, a Brooklyn woman. The Daily News reports that she "was last seen by her landlord Saturday near her Sumpter St. apartment in Brownsville, sources said. The Guyanese native had several beefs with her landlord over an extension cord that powered her room, culminating in a fight, her husband, Dale Browne, told the Daily News from his home in Guyana. Browne was smacked in the fight and later disappeared."

Sources tell the Post that tattoos on the remains confirm they do belong to Browne, because "Chinelle" is tattooed on one arm.

Browne spoke to Newsday, mentioning their four children ages 3 to 7, "My wife is a wonderful, wonderful woman, a beautiful soul and we want her home. That is our desire. That is our hope. We believe God is able and he will deliver so we're trusting him and trusting God she will be safely going home to her family." According to WABC 7, "He says she came to New York about a year ago and found work at Century 21. He has no idea how she came to live at the Brooklyn walkup."