A fourth N train was treated for bedbugs yesterday, and the Transport Workers Union is calling on the MTA to fumigate every subway car on the N line. "This is a very annoying and possibly costly infestation if it gets back to fellow employees homes, cars and possessions,” Kevin Harrington, a vice president with Transport Workers Union Local 100, wrote to MTA officials. "Some of our fellow employees are experiencing great trepidation concerning possible infestation of their personal effects, cars and homes."

Bedbugs were also found in lockers belonging to two train crew workers, and union sources also tell the News that one conductor's home is infested with the irascible parasites. According to yesterday's Daily News exclusive, bedbugs were found in seat cushions in train cabs used by conductors and motormen. One subway conductor with 20 years experience tells the tabloid, "They need to treat the entire system." Why stop there? The MTA should burn this whole city down to the roots.

The MTA has enlisted the help of a bedbug-sniffing dog to inspect locations where bugs were reported, and an MTA spokesman tells us, "We’ll continue to do spot checks of crew rooms." But as of now there are no plans to fumigate the entire N line, let alone the entire system. So for the time being just remember to bring your bedbug fart detector with you during your commute, which, let's face it, you're probably doing already.