More information has been released about the shooting at the Good Stuff Diner on 14th street early yesterday morning. The victim was Corey Scott, 28, who was shot several times in the back of the head after a heated argument with other customers. Police are on the hunt for the shooter, reviewing the surveillance footage which captured the attack in the all-night diner.

Scott was an ex-con with more than a few brushes with violence: in 2007 he was nearly stabbed to death at Fusion on West 28th street, after fighting with a patron at that club, according to the Post. The Brooklyn man was also accused of robbing and beating to death Gene Hop, a 57-year-old father of four in 2004, and was charged with manslaughter (he was acquitted according to Hop's family). He was currently on parole for a robbery conviction. According to the Post, Scott went by the name "Young Classik," and has several videos on YouTube.

Many locals were blaming the late-night, rowdy crowd that siphoned out of local clubs for the aggressive reputation the diner is getting: "I mean, this is a really hot, happening area near the Meatpacking District with a lot of people around, coming from a lot of the outer areas too," one customer told CBS. Outside of the late night club crowd, Good Stuff is popular with many LGBT groups, thanks to a nearby LGBT Community Center less than two blocks away. Good Stuff was also the winner of Time Out Magazine's Best Manhattan Diner Award, as voted by readers in 2008.